Ear Training

We use EarMaster in our theory program at MCTC. I love it. It is incredibly thorough and flexible. At $60, it is not inexpensive, but if you are serious about improving your skills, you will find this to be very useful.

Good Ear is a free ear-training program on the web.

goodEar Intervals
I like this app a great deal. It is customizable, easy and fun. For iOS – last price I saw was .99 – waaaaaay cheaper than a latte.

GNU Solfege
Great freeware for improving your ears. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Big Ears
Big Ears is another online ear training website.

The Musical Intervals Tutor
The Musical Intervals Tutor is a study aid on the web to help you learn the sound of basic music intervals.

Ear Training – I Was Doing Alright
A few ear training tools developed by jazz trumpeter Rick G., including iPhone/iPod and Android apps. These tools are free, and can be used in a variety of ways. Very flexible and well thought out. He crafted them in particular to help with jazz improvisation.

For practice in ear training, particularly intervals.