For Reading Sheet Music

The apps here are useful for reading sheet music on your tablet. They are specifically for iPad, but may be available for other operating systems as well.


ForScore is designed to handle sheet music in pdf format. There are neat ways to handle repeats and page turns. You can annotate scores as well. At $9.99 on Apple’s app store it is not cheap, but seems to be highly rated.

Avid Scorch

The Scorch app opens and plays music scores created with the Sibelius music notation platform. $1.99 on the app store. In my book this should be free, as Sibelius is a pretty pricey notation program.


From the developer: “NextPage will help you rehearse and perform better by removing the burden of paper sheet music. Once you’ve loaded your music into NextPage, turning pages is as effortless as swiping or tapping the screen. Need to jump 3 pages ahead or 4 pages back? With NextPage’s Page Link feature you can do just that with just one tap. Rather use your feet? NextPage supports the AirTurn BT-105 wireless pedal controller. The days of worrying about missing a page turn are over!

NextPage was designed and built by a life-long musician/software engineer specifically for live performance and rehearsal. The interface has been painstakingly crafted to be simple and efficient so that you can focus on the music and not worry about the technology.

NextPage works with any music in PDF format.” $5.99 from the app store.


Supports pdf format. Links to IMSLP, which is a huge repository of public domain scores. Allows annotation. Many other features. Available on app store and it is free.

MuseScore Songbook

From the developer: “MuseScore Songbook lets you play and practise more sheet music at home or on the go. The Songbook app extends the free MuseScore app with the ability to use score offline and open mscz files.” (mscz files are files created in the MuseScore music notation app. $2.99


From the developer: “SeeScore takes standard MusicXML files and displays the music score as you want to see it when you play or sing. You can pinch zoom to set the size you want the music to be displayed and SeeScore will automatically reflow it to fit the iPad screen. You can select which parts you want to see and you can jump to any bar number by touching the ruler at the bottom of the screen. Always the screen is used efficiently, minimising wasteful page borders.” $4.99 on app store.


The unrealBook app is another pdf reader, but seems very well designed as an alternative to fake books. In particular, it is easy to create your own indexes which is really handy. It comes highly rated on the app store. $5.99

Special thanks to Dr. Christopher Russell whose blog Technology in Music Education is a fabulous resource.

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