Sheet Music

This page provides resources for locating sheet music  for purchase, to borrow, or to download (legally) for free.

Choral Public Domain Library

This is an incredible resource for choral music that has gone into the public domain. There are thousands of free scores on this site. A few solo vocal pieces as well as choral.

This site advertises a product that is extremely helpful and useful for singers. Basically, repertoire that has gone into the public domain has been scanned and made into pdf files which are then placed on a CD. The entire Schubert song collection, for example, is on a single CD, for much less than what you would pay for an anthology in book form. Purchasing the CD gives you unlimited rights to print the music. I have most of these CDs, and consider them an invaluable resource. Especially good for singers who are considering teaching as a profession.

Art Song Central

This is a fantastic archive of free, public domain sheet music. Packed with standard vocal repertoire.

This is a site where you can purchase, download and print much of the standard vocal repertoire. It can be very helpful if, for example, you only want a single song instead of an entire anthology. It also allows you to change the key of the piece before you download and print it.

This online catalogue is easy to use, and the company seems to have most of the standard repertoire. They are also very fast in terms of delivery. In addition, they frequently have recordings and sample pages of music so that you can examine before purchasing. I have worked with them a great deal and have no complaints.

Classical Vocal Repertoire

This company is truly a labor of love, and an incredible resource for singers. Looking for vocal music that is hard to find, rare or out-of-print? This is the place to go. I have been amazed at the depth of knowledge of the owner, and have been able to purchase music that I never thought I would find.

Mozart Neue Ausgabe

The complete Mozart Neue Ausgabe is now online. This means that critical edition scores of everything that Mozart wrote are available as pdf files to anyone, for free. These were the scores that my colleagues and I had to spend hours in the library studying. I am just geeky enough that I jumped up and down when I found this resource.

Handlo Music

Handlo Music publishes choral music and distributes via email. Great for some of those hard-to-find pieces.

Bach Cantatas

This site is fantastic, containing links to public domain versions of Bach cantatas and other works. There are also links to texts, translations and research – really a great resource.

International Score Music Library Project

This site is a repository for public domain works. Not all of the works are out of US copyright, so some caution or responsibility is advised when using it. These are mostly scans of sheet music in pdf format, and quality varies. That being said, it is a pretty extensive and useful library.

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