Voice Tools

This page contains links to all things vocal, particularly software and internet resources.

Software for Singers


From the Sing In Tune website:

“The principle of Canta is simple and powerful: you choose a song to work and you load the corresponding MIDI file into Canta. Canta plays the music and shows the notes of the melody that you must sing.

When you sing, in real time, Canta analyses and measures the frequency of your voice. It shows you the pitch of the note that you are singing in the form of a curve on the screen. Your pitch curve is supperposed to the notes of the melody. You then see if you sing in tune, or if you are below or above the note you want to reach.

So you see how to sing to get the right pitch.

The repetition of theses voice lessons will allow your ear to distinguish properly the pitch of what you sing and you will learn to sing better, you will learn to sing in tune.”

This is for Windows only. I have not tried it, but it does sound very neat.

Vocal Lab

Vocal Lab - Laidman & Katsura

This software sounds promising. I have not tested it. Here is the description from the website:” Vocal Lab helps you train to sing on key. It listens while you sing and displays the pitch of your voice on a graph, in real time.” Very inexpensive. Mac users only. Available at Mac App Store.

International Phonetic Alphabet Resources

IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabet. Many dictionaries use this alphabet to write the pronunciations of words. Singers use it a great deal to aid them in pronouncing songs in languages other than their native tongue, and much of the standard repertoire has been transliterated into IPA. For this reason, the more you know about it, the better off you will be.

Downloading and Using IPA Fonts

Many computers do not have the special characters needed for IPA installed on them. This site gives good advice on where to find and how to use IPA fonts.

Using IPA Fonts with Mac OS X

Just what it says. On the Notes from a Linguistic Mystic site. Particularly useful information for Mac users – great advice and trouble-shooting.

Cool IPA Fonts

More resources on great fonts and how to use them. A wiki produced by ipa4linguists.

IPA Fonts

This link has a free font set for both PCs and Macs. I used the Mac version and it installed without a problem and worked beautifully.

SIL Encore IPA Fonts

While not unicode compliant, which can be a problem, these are still a good set of IPA fonts.

Art Song Central

While primarily an archive of free, public domain sheet music, Art Song Central also hosts an extensive collection of IPA transcriptions on its site – most or all of the sheet music that is housed there has an accompanying IPA transcription.

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